Big Agenda Book Review

Reviewing the “Big Agenda” book by David Horowitz offers a critical insight into the author’s examination of the radical left’s dangerous influence in American politics. Horowitz researchs deep into the strategies utilized by progressives to undermine democracy and implement their agenda. From exposing the deceitful tactics employed by the left to highlighting the importance of reclaiming freedom and defending American values, this book provides a compelling analysis of the current political landscape. With its eye-opening revelations and powerful argumentation, “Big Agenda” serves as a call to action for those looking to understand and combat the leftist forces shaping our society.

Key Takeaways:

  • Timely Analysis: The book presents a comprehensive analysis of President Trump’s first year in office, highlighting his successes and challenges in implementing his ambitious agenda.
  • Strategic Planning: Horowitz emphasizes the importance of having a clear and organized agenda to drive policy decisions and effectively communicate with the public.
  • Conservative Perspective: The author offers a conservative perspective on the Trump administration’s policies and achievements, providing insights into the political landscape during the first year of his presidency.

Author Background

There’s no denying that the author of the ‘Big Agenda’ book, David Horowitz, is a prominent figure in American conservative circles. With a career spanning decades, Horowitz has made a name for himself as a prolific writer, thinker, and cultural critic.

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Career and Notable Works

Background: David Horowitz started his career as a prominent figure on the far left, even working as an editor for the radical publication Ramparts. However, he underwent a dramatic transformation, becoming one of the most vocal conservative voices in America. He has authored numerous books, including ‘The Professors’ and ‘Radical Son,’ which have solidified his reputation as a leading conservative thinker.

Influence and Reputation

Any: David Horowitz’s influence in conservative circles cannot be understated. As the founder of the David Horowitz Freedom Center and editor of FrontPage Magazine, he has built a platform to promote conservative ideas and critique the Left. However, his confrontational style and controversial views have also garnered criticism, particularly from liberal circles.

Understanding: Despite his polarizing reputation, David Horowitz’s work has had a significant impact on shaping conservative thought in America. His relentless critique of the Left and advocacy for conservative values have garnered him a dedicated following, while also sparking intense debates and controversy.

Summary of Big Agenda

Central Themes

To grasp the essence of ‘Big Agenda’, one must understand the central themes that run throughout the book. Mark Levin emphasizes the importance of dismantling the bureaucratic state and restoring the principles of the Constitution to revitalize American conservatism. Through a meticulously researched analysis, Levin argues that the Left’s control of the administrative state is a threat to individual liberty and must be countered with a bold and comprehensive strategy.

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Key Proposals and Strategies

To achieve this profound transformation, Levin presents key proposals and strategies that require a fundamental overhaul of the existing political system. This involves appointing constitutionalist judges, reining in the power of regulatory agencies, and empowering Congress to reassert its authority. Levin advocates for an aggressive approach to roll back the expansive reach of the federal government and return power to the American people.

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For instance, Levin suggests delegating more authority to the states to push back against federal overreach and promote a greater emphasis on individual responsibility. By implementing these strategies, the book argues, Americans can combat the erosion of their freedoms and ensure that the government is truly held accountable to the people.

Critical Analysis

Strengths of the Big Agenda

After delving into ‘Big Agenda: How to Make America Great Again’ by David Horowitz, it is evident that one of the book’s key strengths lies in its comprehensive overview of the political landscape during the 2016 U.S. presidential elections.

Criticisms and Controversies

To provide a well-rounded review of ‘Big Agenda,’ we must also acknowledge the criticisms and controversies surrounding the book. Some critics argue that Horowitz’s unabashed support for President Trump may overshadow the objective analysis of policies and actions.

It is crucial to note that while the book presents a conservative perspective on Trump’s administration, it lacks nuanced discussions on pivotal issues such as immigration reform, healthcare policies, and environmental regulations. Critics claim that this one-sided approach limits the book’s credibility and fails to engage with opposing viewpoints.

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Impact and Relevance

Influence on Political Discourse

To understand the influence of the ‘Big Agenda’ book on political discourse, one must acknowledge its far-reaching impact on shaping conservative ideologies. The book serves as a guiding light for policymakers and politicians, providing a roadmap for implementing right-leaning policies and agendas. Its focus on limited government intervention, deregulation, and free-market principles has resonated strongly within the Republican Party, influencing debates and discussions on key issues.

Relation to Current Events

Current events have demonstrated the ongoing relevance of the ‘Big Agenda’ book in today’s political landscape. As discussions on healthcare reform, tax policies, and immigration continue to dominate headlines, the principles outlined in the book serve as a blueprint for conservative decision-making. The book’s emphasis on cutting taxes, securing borders, and revamping healthcare systems aligns closely with the policies advocated by the current administration.

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Amidst the evolving political landscape, ‘Big Agenda’ remains a critical resource for understanding the underlying principles driving conservative agendas and shaping policy decisions. Its continued relevance underscores the importance of ideological clarity and strategic planning in navigating complex political challenges.

Summing up

To wrap up, the Big Agenda Book Review highlights the impactful insights and strategies laid out by David Horowitz to understand the left’s agenda and combat it effectively. The book serves as a comprehensive guide for readers looking to navigate the complex political landscape and take action to defend conservative principles. By delving into key concepts like political correctness, identity politics, and the power of narrative, Horowitz provides a compelling argument for conservatives to arm themselves with knowledge and skill in order to push back against the left’s influence. Overall, Big Agenda is a must-read for those seeking to engage in the battle of ideas and make a difference in the political sphere.


Q: What is a Big Agenda Book Review?

A: A Big Agenda Book Review is an in-depth analysis and critique of the book “Big Agenda” written by David Horowitz. It provides a summary of the key points, evaluates the arguments presented, and offers insights into the author’s perspective.

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Big Agenda Book Review: Dive Into Your Next Adventure

Q: Who should read a Big Agenda Book Review?

A: Anyone interested in politics, conservative ideology, or the current state of affairs in the United States would benefit from reading a Big Agenda Book Review. It offers a critical perspective on the strategies and goals of the conservative movement in America.

Q: What can I expect to gain from reading a Big Agenda Book Review?

A: Reading a Big Agenda Book Review will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the key themes and arguments presented in the book. It will offer you a critical analysis of the author’s viewpoint and help you form your own opinions on the issues discussed.