Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book Review

Just delving into the world of makeup artistry or looking to up your contouring game? Look no further than the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book. This comprehensive guide not only provides step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the perfect contour but also features insider tips from the legendary makeup artist himself. Learn how to sculpt, define, and enhance your features like a pro with this must-have beauty bible. Find out if this contouring book is worth the hype in our in-depth review.

Key Takeaways:

  • Comprehensive Guide: The Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book is praised for being a comprehensive guide to contouring and highlighting, with detailed instructions and tips for achieving flawless makeup looks.
  • Variety of Techniques: The book covers a variety of contouring techniques, catering to different face shapes and skin tones, making it suitable for both beginners and experienced makeup enthusiasts.
  • Inspiration and Creativity: Readers of the book find inspiration and a sense of creativity in learning new makeup techniques and experimenting with different contouring styles.
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First Impressions: Unveiling the Contouring Book

Packaging and Presentation

Presentation: Little did I know that a book could be so beautifully packaged until I laid eyes on the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book. The sleek black cover with gold lettering immediately exudes a sense of sophistication and elegance. Opening it felt like unwrapping a makeup treasure.

Initial Thoughts on Content

With the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book in hand, the initial impression of the content is nothing short of impressive. From the detailed illustrations to the step-by-step instructions, every page is filled with valuable information on achieving the perfect contoured look. The variety of looks showcased in the book caters to both beginners and makeup enthusiasts alike.

Initial: The clarity and detail in the explanations make it easy to follow along, even for those who are new to contouring. The diversity in the featured models and techniques ensures that there is something for everyone to learn and experiment with.

Diving Deep: Techniques and Tutorials

Assuming you’re new to the world of contouring or looking to up your game, the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book offers a treasure trove of techniques and tutorials to help you master the art of sculpting your face.

Step-by-Step Guides


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Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book Review: Dive Into Your Next Adventure

Step 1 Start with a matte bronzer two shades darker than your skin tone to contour the hollows of your cheeks and jawline.
Step 2 Use a lighter shade to highlight the high points of your face, such as the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, and brow bone.

Highlighting and Shading Mastery


With the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book in hand, you can master the art of highlighting and shading like a pro. The book guides you through the process, offering tips on how to create dimension and enhance your features with expert precision.

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For a flawless contour and highlight, it’s imperative to blend seamlessly and use light, gentle strokes to build up the intensity gradually. Note, less is more when it comes to contouring, so start light and slowly add more product as needed. By mastering these techniques, you can create a natural-looking sculpted look that enhances your best features.

Product Reviews: The Tools of the Trade

Kevyn Aucoin’s Contour Powders and Brushes

Keep your contour game strong with Kevyn Aucoin’s range of contour powders and brushes. The Contour Book offers a variety of shades to suit different skin tones, allowing you to sculpt and define effortlessly. The brushes are designed for precision application, making contouring a breeze even for beginners.

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Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book Review: Dive Into Your Next Adventure

Comparisons with Other Contouring Products

The Contour Book by Kevyn Aucoin stands out when compared to other contouring products on the market. The pigmentation of the powders is superb, offering a smooth and natural finish. The blendability of the powders ensures a seamless transition between shades, giving you a flawless contoured look every time.

On Comparisons with Other Contouring Products

Brand Key Points
Kevyn Aucoin Superb pigmentation and blendability
Other Brands May lack pigmentation and blendability

Real-World Application: Putting the Book to the Test

Everyday Makeup Looks

Test: All set to test out Kevyn Aucoin’s contouring techniques in the real world? Let’s probe creating some fabulous everyday makeup looks with the help of the Contouring Book. Whether you’re heading to work or running errands, the book promises to help you achieve a flawless, natural look that will have heads turning.

Special Occasion Transformations

For: Planning a special evening out and want to look extra glamorous? This section of the book is perfect for those looking to take their makeup game to the next level. Whether it’s a wedding, party, or date night, Kevyn Aucoin’s contouring tips and tricks can help you create a stunning special occasion look that will make you feel like a superstar.

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Application: When trying out the special occasion transformations, be sure to pay attention to the highlighting and contouring techniques outlined in the book. These can help enhance your features and create a beautiful, sculpted look that’s perfect for any big event. Don’t forget to blend seamlessly for a flawless finish that will have you feeling like a red-carpet star.

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Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book Review: Dive Into Your Next Adventure

Final Thoughts: Does It Live Up to the Hype?

Now let’s examine the in-depth review of the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book.

Pros and Cons of the Contouring Book

Pros Cons
1. Detailed step-by-step guides 1. Pricey for some
2. Beautiful illustrations 2. Limited shade range
3. Expert tips from Kevyn Aucoin 3. Not beginner-friendly
4. Versatile techniques for all face shapes 4. Some techniques may be time-consuming
5. High-quality content 5. Not travel-friendly due to size

Is It Worth the Investment?

Investment in the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book is a big decision for beauty enthusiasts. With a plethora of expert tips, detailed guides, and versatile techniques, this book is a treasure trove for those looking to up their makeup game. However, the higher price point and potentially time-consuming techniques may be factors to consider before making the purchase.


Q: What is the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book?

A: The Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book is a comprehensive guide that teaches you how to master the art of contouring, highlighting, and sculpting your face like a professional makeup artist.

Q: What does the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book include?

A: This book includes step-by-step tutorials, tips, and techniques for contouring different face shapes, skin types, and makeup styles. It also provides insights into Kevyn Aucoin’s signature contouring methods and product recommendations.

Q: Is the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book suitable for beginners?

A: Yes, the Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book is great for beginners as it breaks down the contouring process into easy-to-follow instructions and illustrations. Whether you’re new to contouring or looking to enhance your skills, this book is a valuable resource for all makeup enthusiasts.

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Kevyn Aucoin Contouring Book Review: Dive Into Your Next Adventure